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lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Support your Friends, Family, Fans, Neighbors this Xmas. Here's how.

I read this idea yesterday from a friend, Alvaro Juez Pelaez, on Facebook. I'm not sure it was his idea or somebody else's. However, it's an idea worth spreading...

This Xmas try to buy as many gifts as you can from your Friends, Family, Fans, Neighbors who are Entrepreneurs instead of buying from a large corporation.

You probably know friends who are artists and you can buy a painting or photograph or ask them to write a short story for your family if they are writers... Besides helping them, you will have a unique, creative and supportive Xmas gift to give. 

Or maybe your next door neighbor sells cosmetics, jewlery, arts & crafts, or food. Those can be great gifts as well. Or you have a manicurist who's struggling to get new business, give your girlfriends a "Gift certificate" from your manicurist.

The idea is that if everybody buys gifts within their communities more people will have a happy Xmas. It's as Simple as that!

Celebrate this idea by buying from the entrepreneurs around you and also by sharing this post with your friends. You can make a difference, DO IT!